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Photo editing helps your clients visualize upgrades and changes and can also help with the selections process.

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Clients want to see the finished remodel even before you start, and in today’s high-tech market, they have come to expect it. In many cases, homeowners can’t picture the changes to their house without the help of a visual aid.

  • Simplify the selections process: It can be challenging for homeowners to visualize small color chips and shingle samples on a larger scale. Photo editing helps designers transform an image of the existing house so that the homeowner can see the changes. These tools also make it possible to see a variety of colors, materials, and textures, which will help the client finalize selections.
  • Improve communication: An edited photo helps designers communicate the full design concept to the client, providing an accurate idea of how the colors, materials, and design work together to create a cohesive concept.
  • Manage expectations: Photo editing expands the client’s viewpoint of the house and upgrades. Best of all, the designer can add, delete, or modify features before the contractor starts building the project.
  • Determine product specs: The designer can also adjust the proportions of various details, which can help determine whether a standard product will fit or if a custom piece is needed. For example, will a standard porch post fit or will the company need to hire a millwork company or have the crew build the post on site?
  • Generate additional revenue: Want to offer more than siding and roofing? Designers can use photo editing as a subtle way to sell upgrades at a time when the client is focused on home improvement — this is especially powerful when you can show clients the positive impact the upgrades make on the whole house. For example, if you add a flagstone sidewalk to the photo, the client is more likely to add it to the project — either now or in the next phase of work.
  • Stay ahead of the competition: Clients will be impressed by a remodeling company that can show them an image of their final project before construction begins.

—Mark Wyatt is the president and founder of Wyatt Drafting & Design, in Warsaw, Ind.

Mark Wyatt
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