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Sales Secret: The Power of Three

Offering three price options, and directing buyers to the middle one, is an easy... More

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Do I Buy This Salesperson?

That's the first question remodeling clients ask themselves. How you present... More

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Cultivating the Most Important 15% of Your Business

Without selling, there is no need for accounting, installing, supervision,... More

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Remodeling Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

Your client's may appear calm, but lurking beneath is a hot mess of emotions you... More

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To Win Sales, Watch Your Body Language

In sales, the words you choose to use must be backed up by the right vocal tone... More

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A Tale of Two Brains

Aristotle knew the secret to sales more than 2,343 years ago More

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Situational Canvassing

A new take on traditional tactic that isn't just about sales More

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The Art of Asking Good Questions

To sell is to connect. Asking thoughtful questions helps brings this connection to... More

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A Strategy for Overcoming Price Resistance

How to Use “But” to Your Advantage More

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Our Life and Work are Now on Zoom. Make the Most of It.

Be the best you, even during a virtual presentation More

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