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Words You Should Never Say

In sales, words have tremendous power. That is not always a good thing. More

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What Every Remodeling Prospect Wants

When companies get busy, they run the risk of making one very big mistake. More

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Can You Talk Yourself Out of a Sale?

Building rapport is important, but be careful you don't overdo it More

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There's a Right (and a Wrong) Way to Be Competitive

How you handle competition in your local remodeling market will have a direct... More

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A Smart Way to Grow Qualified Leads

Using a contact center is one way sophisticated remodelers streamline their... More

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Challenge Question: What Do You Do?

How you define yourself is essential to your ability to sell More

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What is the Lifetime of a Lifetime Warranty?

How to set expectations for warranties on the products your company installs More

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Sales 101: Four Customer Personality Types To Watch

When they really want to make the sale, you may want to treat these four... More

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Understanding the Links Between Price, Need and Perceived Value

To close the sale, you need to know how each of these influence the customer More

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Defining Your Company's Value

Salespeople need a strong definition for the word "value" to use to describe what... More

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