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A Winning Sales Narrative

When you sell a remodeling job, you need to tell a story. But it's not just about... More

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Challenging Times Require Adaptation

With signs of a softening market, now is the time to focus on "blocking and... More

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Tie-Down Questions Revisited

Brian McCauley asked for feedback on the use of tie-down question, and you delivered. More

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Leveraging Needs vs Wants in Remodeling Sales

Needs determine that a purchase will be made, but wants drive what is purchased More

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To Convert Leads, Engage Them First

Remodelers need a reliable way to convert leads into sales opportunities. A call... More

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Two Keys to Remodeling Sales Success

Enter the sales process to solve people’s problems and be honest, and you will... More

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Year in the Rearview

Brian McCauley looks back at the sales messages that struck a chord with remodelers More

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Managing the Big Three

In sales there are only three big objections to overcome, and for each one there... More

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Beware of Tie-Down Questions

Trying to overcome price objections with this sales technique can easily backfire. More

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Let Clients "Sell" You on Remodeling Their Home

Paul Winans urges remodeling contractors to ask potential client why the remodel... More

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