REMODELER: How do I help sales staff stay upbeat when homeowners are slow to buy and there is the stress of underperformance?

Michael Lee’s 10 tips

  • Expect it. Recognize that ups and downs are part of life. If your job were simple, anyone could do it. Take rejection without flinching.
  • Forget the past. The best way to handle disappointment is to leave it behind. Live in the present, look forward to the future.
  • Start fresh. Begin each day with a clean slate. Pro athletes are taught to consider a tie the start of a whole new game.
  • Expect to win. Open every meeting expecting it to go well. Emotions are contagious, whether positive or negative.
  • Be grateful. Take 10 minutes to look around and list what you’re glad to have. Loving family? Good health? Not having to tar roofs in Phoenix in the summer? An attitude of gratitude quickly lifts spirits.
  • Get inspired. Find others who have overcome tougher challenges than yours. A personal favorite is the movie Rudy.
  • Sharpen your saw. Attend sales, time management, or negotiating classes. Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Celebrate small victories. Forget about “one-sit” sales. If invited back, celebrate; you’re one step closer to a sale. Take the time to build a relationship, and you’ll be rewarded.
  • Learn from setbacks. If a sales call doesn’t go the way you wanted, examine what went wrong and what you can do differently the next time. Self-reflection is difficult, but unless you learn from negative experiences, you’ll waste time and fail to improve.
  • Rest your body as well as your mind. Work out, hike, ride your bike. You’ll come back refreshed and ready to meet your next prospect with a smile.

In the game of sales, staying positive separates the amateurs from the pros. Which league will you choose to play in? —Michael Soon Lee trains salespeople to succeed in any market. Send your sales challenge to [email protected].