Add a focus on equipment security to your safety routine with the Mobilock GPS locator and anti-theft alarm. The standalone unit easily mounts to equipment, storage boxes, or trailers with crews or integrated magnets. If protected equipment is disturbed or someone tampers with the Mobilock, the unit notifies the user by phone or e-mail. Logging on to the Mobilock Web site, the user can then access street maps or satellite imagery showing the approximate location of the equipment for quick recovery. 800.433.9258.

Timberland Pro.
With a growing number of women on remodeling jobsites, ensuring the availability of work gear designed with women in mind is important. To keep feet safe and supported, the Mudsill Low shoe is one of six Timberland protective footwear designs specifically for women. The hiking-inspired Mudsill features a steel toe and rubber dual-density outsole, ideal for light-duty applications. Other styles from the line include workboots for heavier jobs and clogs for light-duty or office work. 800.258.0855.

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North Safety Products.
With a one-time adjustment, the Rite-On harness will always go right on without further alteration, the maker says. Ergonomic, lightweight (4.3 pounds), and tangle-free, the harness is comfortable and easy to use, so workers can wear it for several hours as fall protection on the jobsite. 888.422.3798.

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For an economical but durable solution to on-the-job eye protection, try the Elvex Legionnaire goggle. The impact-resistant molded polycarbonate lens is 2mm thick and has a SuperCoat anti-fogging coating. Eighteen built-in indirect ventilation slots also enhance fog resistance. A wide contact between the goggle and face provides a comfortable fit, even over prescription glasses, while still offering a tight seal. Available in transparent blue or transparent smoke colors, the goggle complies with ANSI Z87.1 requirements. 800.888.6582.

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