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The number of homeowners taking on home improvement projects without professional help is increasing, with the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) reporting two-thirds of improvement projects are completely DIY. Interior painting and landscaping projects are the most likely projects to be completed without professional help, Forbes reports.

DIYers are much more likely to be millennials than other age groups. These online-engaged homeowners are using YouTube and other Internet tutorials to tackle home projects that their parents might have hired out. HIRI reported in its 2018 Product Purchase Tracking Study that nearly a quarter of the U.S. population made home improvements in the last year (leading up to the association’s 2018 conference), and only 7% used a professional to complete them.

One hesitation many consumers have in hiring home improvement professionals, the group adds, is cost-related. “Many homeowners do not understand the cost of hiring professionals. In fact, nearly one-third underestimate the final cost.”

Not surprisingly, homeowners are far less confident in taking on DIY projects that are more complex, HIRI says: “When it comes to replacing roofs and siding, replacing windows or remodeling kitchens, homeowners are more likely to contract with a pro.” These are also the types of projects that involve unexpected surprises that add to their cost, like an electrical panel that needs to be upgraded to meet code, something that a homeowner may not realize or act upon (with potentially unsatisfying outcomes). “Project costs increase significantly when professionals are involved and tend to grow with their level of involvement,” HIRI notes.

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