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Construction industry visualization provider Renoworks Software released an AI technology that converts home photos into interactive design visualizations for windows and door products, according to a news release from the company. The tool is designed to alleviate the time-consuming rendering process for the remodeling industry.

The new addition to the Renoworks platform solves the rendering problem by automatically recognizing openings, allowing homeowners to visualize new windows and doors on their homes right away. This streamlines the home design process and offers manufacturers a unique way to help their customers bridge the remodeling "imagination gap."

"We have long been a proponent of enabling faster and easier design decisions around a homeowner's renovation and remodel project," stated Doug Vickerson , CEO of Renoworks. "By offering this new AI-powered visualization technology to our windows and doors clients, we can deliver an automated and highly-visual representation of the project so that homeowners can proceed quickly from planning, to final design, to purchase.

"This advancement in windows and doors is just the beginning. We have already made significant strides in both siding and roofing and have begun integration into our next-generation platform, Renoworks FastTrack, where 3D models and measurements can be ordered by the homeowner simply by inputting an address. Our goal for the immediate future is to bring our AI image recognition advancements to our clients in order to streamline the remodeling value chain from initial design idea all the way to project completion."

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