Full-service remodeling companies offer general contractor services in renovation projects ranging from whole-house remodels to handyman jobs such as changing out doorknobs. Many of those on this list have a long-term history in their markets, and have been able to survive the downturn in residential construction by drawing on relationships with past clients.

“We put a lot of emphasis on relationship-building,” says Jason Larson, president of Lars Construction, an $8.6 million San Diego–area company and number 16 on the full-service list. And, he says, we’re “willing to spend more time at more unusual times of the day” to persuade prospects to become customers.

Murphy Brothers Contracting, in Mamaroneck, N.Y. — number 32 on the list — has also found that these days it’s necessary to “offer [people] options,” according to director of new project development Michael Murphy. Five years ago, he says, “[remodeling contractors] were blowing people off. It was the land of milk and honey.” Now many companies have changed just about every part of their operation, except for a commitment to quality construction.