Bill Robinson, 1945-2023

Bill Robinson passed away peacefully on the morning of October 12, 2023, leaving the building trades bereft of a great advocate.

A staunch promoter of sound building practices, Bill devoted much of his life to raising skill levels and knowledge of building performance among veteran contractors, aspiring trades workers, and well-intentioned volunteers. We at JLC will surely miss his contributions (see listing below), though these were the least of his good works: His presentations at JLC Live, as both a conference speaker and a Building Clinics presenter, his support for SkillsUSA, his work conducting trainings through the LSU AgCenter’s LaHouse Resource Center and his work training volunteers rebuilding homes in New Orleans with and Historic Green epitomize his commitment to trades training and advancing building knowledge. He will be remembered in all these venues, I am sure, as we remember him here: Always leading with a calm, sunny nature, which made working with Bill a joy. Indeed, he brought true joie de vivre, a refreshing zest for simply being, along with a sage outlook, to his work. That outlook always reassured his companions and coworkers that, no matter how difficult or out of kilter things might seem, there is a sound solution to be found through persistent effort and an open mind. As I am learning in preparation to write this piece, he applied such determination and presence to everything he did.

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