Question 10: When business picks up again, what indicators will you need to rehire staff?

Peter Feinmann, Feinmann Inc.

Craig Durosko,  Sun Design Remodeling Specialists
When design backlog and production backlog increase.

Peter Feinmann,
 Feinmann Inc.
Increase in leads and increase in design contracts.

Dennis D. Gehman,  Gehman Custom Remodeling
Sufficient backlog of work with assurance of gross profit dollars to cover the additional overhead.

Alex Iosa,  Iosa Construction Corp.
As business picks up our staff will continue to be at a minimum. We will continue to rely more on our subcontractors allowing us to focus more on business development, estimating, and project management. Our two core office staff have been able to keep up with the company’s past growth and as a result, we feel that we can handle an additional several hundred thousand dollars in sales before we may have to hire additional office staff.

Paul Irwin, Pattern Builders

Paul Irwin,   Pattern Builders
We’re a small company now. When I feel that we have the proper fundamentals in place to handle a larger volume, I will add more staff. I still feel that there is a lot of work out there, but consumers are being a lot more savvy and careful about what they spend their hard-earned money on. The housing stock continues to age, so unless everything really comes to a grinding halt, we're going to assume that it's already getting better.

Chris Landis,
 Landis Construction Corp.
We will subcontract to start.

John Murphy,  Murphy Bros. Designers & Remodelers
A backlog of over four months and good leads and design pipeline.

Jane Regan,  HB Building and Design
We will need to see multiple jobs stacking up on the job board.

Alex Shekhtman,  Elite Remodeling
I am planning to run a “subs only” business.