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The U.S. Court of Appeals gave the EPA an additional 90 days to propose an update to its standard for lead dust hazards and the regulatory definition of lead-based paint in a March 26 decision.

This proposal has been coming since last December, when the court found that the agency was required to update both its lead hazard standard for residential and child-care facilities and its definition of lead-based paint under the Toxic Substance Control Act.

Though the decision was made months ago, the court originally said the agency had 90 days to comply within "the date this decision becomes final." The EPA argued it was never clear when the decision became final, thus receiving the additional 90 days on Monday. The proposal is now due June 26.

Environmental groups were unhappy with the court's decision to grant the federal agency an extension, saying the "EPA has failed to demonstrate why an entire additional 90 days is necessary to compensate for its own failure to clarify its obligations."

The EPA sent a proposal for its regulatory definition of lead-based paint to the White House Office of Management and Budget, and expects a decision back in about 90 days.