June Good Form

As of July 14, the forms below have been update and corrected, based in part on discrepancies between the forms and the EPA’s RRP rule pointed out by REMODELING columnist and blogger, Shawn McCadden. Specifically, the term “clearance” had been used to refer to a project after cleaning verification. According to McCadden, “Clearance is currently a term that only refers to dust wipe testing and should not be confused with ‘cleaning verification.’” This has been corrected in the article. Also, “built after 1978” has been corrected to read “built after 1977,” and a section regarding a pre-1978 building gaining an addition has been deleted completely. REMODELING will continue to update and revise our RRP coverage.

For additional updates, see articles on changes in the RRP enforcement deadline, and on a law suit brought by housing industry groups against the EPA.

Changes in the RRP enforcement deadline.

 Law suit.