The last time you saw a picture of Michael Turner — in the 2004 Big50 issue — he was at the helm of a $1.4 million company. Michael J. Turner Enterprises, of Middletown, Conn., hit $12 million in volume last year, and is on track for $15 million in 2007.

Turner attributes his company's rapid and successful growth to one thing — make that about 70 things, actually. That's the number of employees he has among his exteriors company and two Case Handyman franchises. “Our people are our biggest asset,” Turner says. “We get the best people we can find, and let them do their jobs.” To retain them, he provides health insurance, 401(k), profit sharing, and even pension plans for high-level managers.

As much as Turner would like to credit his employees with the company's success, he deserves a fair portion of the kudos, as well. It takes a shrewd businessman to grow a company as fast as he has while maintaining its overall health. Through business coaches, peer groups, and conversations with successful people both inside and outside of the remodeling industry Turner has continued his business education. “I feel like I could run any business now,” he says.

Someday, Turner may do just that. His long-term goal is to draw a passive income from this company while focusing on other entrepreneurial efforts.