Remodeler: Jeff Troost
Company: Troost Bros. Inc., Staten Island, N.Y.
Product: SENCO FinishPro 10 Micro Pinner.

For fine woodworking, the finish carpenters at Troost Bros. use nothing but SENCO's FinishPro 10 Micro Pinner, president Jeff Troost says. The pneumatic nailer weighs just 2.25 pounds and drives 1/2-inch to 1-inch 23-gauge micro pins. According to Troost, the tool is so accurate that upon nailing, “You don't even see the nail. It becomes invisible.” That's why his finish carpenters use the nailer for installations of hardwood moldings, custom cabinetry, and kitchen and bath vanity cabinets where it's important to be able to hide the nail. Troost says the FinishPro is also “great for installations of add-ons and appliqués, fine-scrolled appliqués, and decorative moldings that are used to accentuate wood.” And because “it's designed specifically for cabinetry and finish work, the nails don't split the wood either,” Troost notes.

Though Troost Bros. has been in the remodeling business 10 years, it's only recently that the company purchased the FinishPro 10. “We actually just discovered it. Now we rely on it. We purchased it seven or eight months ago, and it's become almost an everyday tool,” Troost says. “It's a small tool and it creates little noise; it's pretty quiet and pretty amazing.”