The franchise industry accounts for 40% of retail sales in the U.S., according to, and one out of every 12 U.S. businesses, according to But even if you cover all the different ways to renovate a home — and our list here includes 17 different products or services offered — the percentage of remodeling or home improvement done by franchised companies remains comparatively small relative to total industry sales volume. The exception, of course, is insurance restoration, where large franchise companies include literally thousands of contractor members.

Franchising in the remodeling industry has evolved from attempts to franchise and sell the entire remodeling process to more focused service offerings, such as plumbing, electrical work, handyman, and kitchens.

Some of these franchises, like DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, can be operated as part of a remodeling company. Some, such as painting contractors or even energy audit franchises, require of potential franchisees no home construction or remodeling experience. What franchise companies offer are ready-made systems and solutions for the inexperienced.