Organized into 39 short chapters, this little (115 pages) book uses anecdotes and practical examples to demonstrate the power of personal accountability. For more information about QBQ Inc., the author's organizational development company, as well as additional books on the topic, visit This excerpt is from the first and last paragraphs of Chapter Nine “Don't Ask When.”

“‘When will they take care of the problem?' ‘When will the customer call me back?' ‘When will we get the information we need to make a decision?' When we ask ‘When?' we're really saying we have no choice but to wait and put off action until another time. Questions that begin with ‘When' lead to procrastination ....

Why do we do it? I'm sure there are reasons we could explore, but frankly, I'd prefer to talk about solutions. And one solution is to stop asking externally focused questions that begin with ‘When?' Instead, we need to ask QBQs such as: ‘What solution can I provide?' ‘How can I more creatively reach the customer?' ‘What can I do to find the information to make a decision?'

Remember: The answers are in the questions.”