A home is more than a place to live. It’s a safe haven, a creative studio, an investment, a storage facility, and potentially a base of operations for a business. As such, many homeowners are understandably wary of a stranger entering their home. They need to be assured that the person they have hired is professional, comes from a trusted source and provides quality customer service.

In order to build trust and to instill confidence in customers, it’s important to equip your team with detailed training and support. Here are several helpful tips to keep in mind as you train new members of your handyman staff:

Make a Good Impression
The last thing a homeowner wants to see when they hire someone to tend to their home is an unkempt-looking handyman in a dusty old truck. Even worse is when the handyman is gruff or aloof.

Instead, the typical homeowner will be relieved to see a clean, branded vehicle in front of their home. They want to see a professional step out of the car wearing a branded shirt and a smile. Make no mistake; the customer will want to know their handyman isn’t afraid to be neck deep in dust and grime, but first they want to see someone they can do business with.

Create a Brand and a Brand Promise
All iHandyMan franchise owners are bonded and insured with errors and omissions insurance. Each franchise owner also offers consumer protection and is recognized as a member of the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals (ACHP).

To become a member of ACHP, each handyman has to complete a certification exam. The association also provides branding and logos to be displayed on marketing materials. iHandyMan franchise owners are trained on the importance of our association membership and taught to ensure their customers know we are members. The certification from a third party is of paramount importance to building trust with customers and should be taken seriously.

Training handyman business owners to look professional and carry the appropriate certifications is an important first step in building the ultimate handyman.

Provide Quality Customer Service
Many of our franchise owners already own a handyman business, so they usually come prepared with knowledge of the industry, but training them on customer service is crucial.

Above all, a handyman needs to be open and honest with a customer. If they say they will arrive on-site at a specific time, they should be there on the dot. If the handyman finds midway through the project that they are going over budget, they need to seek the permission of the customer before moving forward. Communication is key at every level for customer satisfaction and future referrals.

This is especially important if the handyman is faced with a large job that requires hiring extra hands. iHandyMan franchise owners are trained to work with contractors, as this requires extra time spent managing their hours and pay. A well-trained handyman knows how to utilize their staff efficiently so they deliver the highest quality product.

Training on these key points are important for budding entrepreneurs looking to enter the business, as well as industry veterans. If these training guidelines are followed and correctly implemented, they will result in a successful handyman with loyal customers.