New Life Home Improvement worker using dropcloths while painting
New Life Home Improvement

As remodeling professionals, we all strive for 100% client satisfaction at the completion of every project. We have a reputation to build and stand behind. We know thrilled clients are more likely to hire us again, provide word-of-mouth referrals, and leave positive feedback online about their experience with our company.

Delivering excellence in design and construction is expected, so taking every precaution to ensure a great experience from start to finish is paramount. That said, nothing can sour an experience for the client like accidental damage to their property.

We've been providing remodeling, painting, and restoration services since 1979 and have learned a few things along the way. From dust to dents, scratches to spills, we're here to share a few tips that ensure our team leaves a home better than we found it.

Protective Measures
As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here are a few of the protective measures our team uses at every project:

  • Use plastic with zip pulls to keep dust, debris, and paint from wandering into adjoining rooms
  • Set up fans and exhaust for dusty demolition projects
  • Cover furniture with plastic or fabric sheets
  • Lay down moving pads for carpet
  • Shoe covers are required when we enter a property and removed when we leave a home to avoid tracking anything back inside
  • Use Red Rosin paper and Ram Board to form a protective barrier
  • Lay drop cloths to protect surfaces while painting
Masking work at New Life Home Improvement
New Life Home Improvement

Here’s a New Life team member putting up plastic sheeting and painter's tape to protect the customer’s windows.

New Life Home Improvement protective work
New Life Home Improvement

We use Red Rosin paper and Ram Board to protect cabinet doors, which can collect fine construction dust.

Procedure AND People Matter
In addition to the measures we’ve listed above, we also pride ourselves on a team that genuinely cares. Our employees treat a client’s home like their own. Little things like removing shoe covers before going outside, keeping the workspace neat and tidy, and ensuring our language is polite and professional at all times can all add up to an exceptional experience for the client.

Final Touches
Our goal is to leave every home and business looking better than we found it. Our remodeling work can create a lot of dust, so we work with a trusted third-party cleaning service to clean up edges, furniture, carpet, and any other areas that may have been impacted by our work. Lastly, our foreman and crew leaders will perform a final inspection of the work.