Not long ago I was visiting a company and noticed an employee playing cards on her computer in an empty showroom. If she was on my clock, I'd expect her to be providing a financial return, not playing cards.

With the high cost of leads and sales, I believe that the next frontier for reducing costs and increasing profits is the “future” buyer. There are three types: high sense of urgency to buy, low sense of urgency to buy, and no sense of urgency to buy.

Suppose we had showroom personnel use their downtime to reach out to “low sense of urgency” prospects.

Low sense of urgency leads are:

  • Missed sales. For some reason, the salesperson was ineffective at closing the sale. Chances are this is a future buyer.
  • Stuck prospects. Their initial reaction was that they couldn't afford us. Our presentation made competitors look foolish. They didn't buy from anyone, even though they really wanted us.
  • Information gaps. Prospects who felt they didn't have enough information to make a decision.
  • No presentation. For whatever reason, the salesperson didn't connect with the complete buying parties.
  • No sale one-legger. As we know, some salespeople will make one-legger sales calls. For some reason, they think that one spouse can be as effective as they are at convincing the other spouse to go ahead with the purchase.
  • A phone call suggesting that all buying parties visit the showroom together, when they have time, can overcome price objections by demonstrating value. It will also fill information gaps, keep your name in front of prospects, and renew their interest in your company/product.

    Traditionally, contractors have not invested enough effort in cashing “future” buyers, instead focusing on “now” buyers. In the past, a contractor could be profitable just with “now” buyers. Today, with marketing and sales costs rising dramatically, contractors must convert paid-for but unused company assets and resources — namely leads — to remain profitable. —Richard Kaller, president of Certified Contractors NetWork, has 39 years of in-home sales experience. CCN sponsors Sales Boot Camp and Sales Management Boot Camp. Call 610.642.9505 or visit