HomeAdvisor’s annual Aging in Place report found what to most won’t be too surprising: many baby boomers do not think of themselves as old and pay little heed to the idea of aging, no matter what happens.

According to the report, roughly 78% of homeowners have yet to complete an aging-in-place related home renovation. Furthermore, 65% of them believe their homes' layouts are adequate enough. While those 55 and older plan on staying in their homes, many of them have not invested in such measures.

As HomeAdvisor's Executive Summary says:

Among homeowners 55 years old or older, 61% are planning to stay in their home indefinitely as they age, citing as their most common reasons that they feel independent in their current home (68%), their current home is conveniently located (66%), they feel safe in their own home (66 percent), they’re familiar with their neighborhood (54%) and they live close to family (38%).

Homeowners, in the report, were said to be disconnected between what aging-in-place seems versus the reality. Renovation designs can enhance the livability of those of all ages. Of those homeowners considering an aging-in-place renovation, only 40% say it’s because they don’t have a physical disability that requires it and 20% say they don’t consider themselves old enough to undergo such a project.

Another highlight from the report shows that smart technologies are helping provide innovation solutions to homeowners who seek safety, accessibility, and easy living. Out of those surveyed 65% of homeowners believe smart-home technology could help them age in place.

Data included in the Aging-in-Place Report is based on results from a survey conducted by Qualtrics on behalf of HomeAdvisor. The survey was fielded from August 10, 2016- August 23, 2016 to 279 professional respondents, of whom 235 reported completing 235 aging-related tasks and 586 homeowner respondents, all of whom 586 reported being age 55 years old or older.