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Roofers in north Texas are now banned from the common practice of waiving homeowner's deductibles on their property insurance policy, according to the Community Impact Newspaper. The practice of waiving deductibles had become common among roofers in the northern region of the state, with many homeowners having the expectation that contractors would waive deductibles and provide a free roof after storm damage.

Though frequent, the practice has been illegal in Texas since 1989. But “poorly written” law resulted in little enforcement, Zelle law firm attorney Steven Badger said.

Texas House Bill 2102 requires roofers to include boldfaced language in their contracts stating that homeowners must pay the deductible under their property insurance policy. The law makes it a criminal offense for a roofing contractor to pay for, waive, absorb, rebate or offset an insurance deductible. An insured policyholder also violates the law if they knowingly submit or allow a claim with a waived or reduced deductible.

President of Peak Roofing and Construction Jeff Riss said the law will be positive for his Frisco-based business. Riss said he hopes what he calls the “enforcement bill” will shake out storm chasers who hustle homeowners.

But Frisco resident Michael Yamada said the law could result in repairs not getting done due to lack of affordability.

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