The Celestial Series turns recycled glass into artistic bathroom fixtures. Alchemy artist Steve Weinstock takes his expertise in glasswork a step further with this collection, which turns colorful and unique arrangements of glass shards into vessel sinks for the high-end bath. Sink models are available across a full color palette from marine shades to warm autumnal hues. In production, recycled glass pieces are scattered and molded into ¾-inch-thick glass for the sink. Each vessel is one of a kind. Alchemy Glass & Light.


Created by lighting designer Derek Marshall, the Django pendant lamp was inspired by famous jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Formed from three overlapping waves of American art glass, the organic form is an eye-catching sculptural statement. Django is held together with stainless steel fasteners and measures 5½ inches in diameter, 12 inches high, and hangs from a pendant cord and canopy that can be ordered in black, white, chrome, brushed nickel, brass, bronze, or black oxide. Derek Marshall Lighting.


With two available models standing 92 inches or 120 inches, the Rondo wood-burning stove brings style and warmth to modern homes. The sleek design comes in gray or black, and incorporates air-cooled handles, steel side and top plates, and a glass-pane door. Typical heat output ranges from 12,000 Btu to 23,000 Btu per hour with a 1,100-square-foot capacity. When used correctly, Rondo is designed to be CO2-neutral as the CO2 emissions from the stove are equal to the volume of CO2 that would be given off if the wood decomposed naturally. Rais.


Despite its minimalist design, Simplicite cabinetry brings an element of warmth to contemporary kitchens. Designed by company founder Bill Ohs, the distinctive line departs from the company's traditional styles. Height-matched finger-opening channels eliminate the need for external hardware, accentuating the design's horizontal character. An extensive selection of fingerprint-resistant stainless steel accents contrast with the beech, white oak, mahogany, or walnut woods. Office furniture options are also available. Wm Ohs Custom Cabinetry.


The fused-glass Wavelength tile collection features tiles with smoothly squared corners, demonstrating an attention to detail that ensures a look of refinement and elegance. With each tile measuring a uniform 5/16-inch thick, a field of Wavelength has a rich, translucent quality. Four architectural patterns in a palette of 8 colors and 13 blends offer versatile design options. Visit the Web site for more information. Mandala Tile.


The Healthy Climate 16 air cleaner is a whole-home air filtration system that could help your clients' allergy and asthma problems. The unit is fitted with a high-efficiency MERV 16 inline cartridge media filter that the maker says removes more than 95% of allergy-aggravating particles as small as 1/25,000 of an inch, including pet dander, pollen, dirt, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, and mold. With no additional power source needed, the air cleaner is compatible with any HVAC system and is ozone-free. A SlimLine cabinet allows for installation in tight areas. Lennox.