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Denver-based home solar resource company SolarReviews has introduced an artificial intelligence-powered solar estimator on its website. The company hopes to transform the home improvement sector and how homeowners buy solar, according to a news release.

A consumer using can generate an accurate estimate simply by entering their address and the dollar amount of their most recent power bill. It is amazingly simple, given the complexity of the factors that need to be measured. With the new home solar estimator, machine-learned artificial intelligence has been utilized to measure each individual roof and determine roof plane direction. An in-house-developed algorithm was then used to fill the appropriate parts of each roof with solar panels in a particular order, favoring areas that offered the most energy output potential with the least amount of shading.

"'s new Solar Panel Layout Tool is trailblazing on several fronts. It's the first online roof layout tool that incorporates machine learning. It requires less knowledge than any professional tool to use. It's also the first free tool available to consumers that takes into account roof direction and angle, determines how many panels can fit on their roof, and then generates an accurate financial estimate," said Andrew Sendy, president of

In the event that the calculator detects a faulty automated result, the user is presented with a manual solar panel layout option - instead of being given incorrect information. Nothing fails from the user's point of view, and they can seamlessly continue through the rest of the estimation process.

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