A Nearmap high-res aerial image of Durham, North Carolina. (Photo: Nearmap)

The measurement toolset in MapBrowser is designed for solar installers, roofing contractors and other rooftop industries. It allows users to measure rooftops and make other calculations using high-resolution aerial photographs that are updated regularly, according to Nearmap.

“Gone are the days of climbing on roofs to take measurements,” said Tony Agresta, executive vice president of product at Nearmap. “Delivered to the cloud within days of capture, our aerial imagery allows roofers, solar companies and other small businesses to carry out assessments from the comfort of their office. "

Agresta said the software would allow users to create proposals quickly, come up with accurate and competitive quotes, and reduce costs.

The company says its Oblique aerial photos have better resolution than satellite imagery, allowing users to see more detail.

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