Client: “We want to add a powder room.”

Us: “Great! What should it feel like?”

Client: “A Victorian ship in the 1800s.”

Us: “Um ... cool.”

A central tenet of the services my company provides is to accommodate our client’s wishes, no matter how unusual the request might be.


In this case, to create the feel of a Victorian ship in a land-locked powder room, we employed exposed copper water lines to give the feel of a “steam works” by wrapping the pipe entirely around the porthole mirrors. A hammered-copper pan sink rests on a countertop of absolutely black granite atop steel legs, with an exposed, oil-rubbed bronze drain below.

The vanity centers on three porthole mirrors with a distressed rusty finish, set between retro-industrial caged Victorian lamps. The faucet, portholes, and skylight line up perfectly, creating a dramatic line that cuts the room in two.

The vanity wall is faux painted to mimic the patina of old copper. And along the back wall, an existing window was covered with a layered wooden privacy screen. Crafted from 1x6 ash in three overlapping layers, it allows some light into a new master bedroom beyond.