The national do-not-call list has claimed its first victim, and, in a bit of bad news for the public face of the remodeling industry, it's a home improvement company.

California Attorney General Bill Lockyer has filed a civil complaint against American Home Craft, a Hayward, Calif.-based replacement company, alleging that the company placed several phone calls to numbers listed on the Federal Trade Commission's do-not-call registry.

Reports varied on the number of complaints that were received about American Home Craft, and the financial penalties to the company will be based on how many violations are proven in court, if any. The complaint seeks at least $100,000, but some of that is for violations of the state's unfair business practices law.

Cathy MacFarlane, director of public affairs for the FTC, says the Commission is counting on law enforcement in individual states to help monitor the law, because "the FTC can't be everywhere at once." Officials in all states have access to the complaint database, which now has more than 63,000 entries. More than 50 million numbers are listed on the do-not-call registry.