A Missouri couple is suing a local general contractor, alleging All Phases Construction performed shoddy renovations on their home, according to the Madison-St. Cloud Record. The plaintiffs claim the renovation work by the company was not up to code, that the company ripped out things that didn't need to be, and that the company allowed pipes to burst.

The plaintiffs and All Phases Construction entered into a contract in August 2018 for home repair and remodeling at the couple's home. Work began the following month with an expected completion date in six to eight months, according to the lawsuit.

"Although the project ran relatively smoothly until the end of 2018, beginning in 2019, things began to fall apart," the lawsuit states. "All Phases worked at the home for only about one week out of five for the first part of 2019. As a result, work was not being timely completed, and the project fell behind."

The plaintiffs allege the project manager hired by All Phases Construction "did not perform work according to industry standards" which "created the additional expense of having the work corrected, which, in some cases included the cost of bringing items up to code."

The couple claim the HVAC work, plumbing in the home's four and a half baths, flooring, fixtures, showers, tile, and toilets were not completed in a timely manner. The couple also claims the contractor has refused to pay for the damages or submit a claim to the insurance provider.

The couple is asking for a judgment in excess of $100,000 plus attorney fees and punitive damages in the lawsuit.

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