As noted in Don't Grandstand the Brand, the successful branding effort of Greg Smith Co., of Falls Church, Va., hinges in large part on the remodeling company's everyday actions, including extensive community service. It's critical to consciously embody your brand — not merely to develop a logo and other marketing materials.

"Greg's brand was in part fashioned around his company culture and his approach to business," says marketing consultant David Alpert of Continuum Marketing Group. "Some of his brand is expressed via his Web site and marketing materials, but most of his brand was created by his actions and the experiences of the homeowners he worked with."

To develop a successful brand, Alpert says, "We recommend that you have a well-defined marketing strategy and understanding of who your market is, what it is they want, and what it is you can provide them. Out of that, you should be able to develop a list of brand attributes that you want people to think of when they think of your company."

Some of the brand attributes for Greg Smith Company include the following, Alpert says:

  • Professional
  • Friendly
  • Honest/ethical/has integrity
  • Owner-operated by a craftsman
  • Known for high quality
  • Marked by craftsmanship
  • Established
  • Built on a great reputation
  • Award-winning
  • Worth paying a bit more for, but not overpriced
  • Staff are serious about their work but have a sense of humor about themselves.

Visit to see more of the company's brand. Then develop a list of brand attributes for your own company.