Jakub Jirsak

I work with dozens of remodelers from across the country on their marketing strategies. If you're like them, I can present hundreds of different ways for you to promote your business. But if you were to pin me down and only allow me to provide four ideas, you’d get the list below. Before you worry about social media or expensive advertising campaigns, focus on getting these four strategies implemented and working.

1. Make previous clients your most valuable asset

A lot of times, when I ask remodelers, "This couple did a $60,000 kitchen remodeling project with you two years ago. Have they heard from you since?" the answer is "No."

Remember: Your previous clients buy quicker than non-clients (they already know, like, and trust you), they refer more, cost you less to reach and sell, spend more, and have higher closing rates.

Your existing client base is your most valuable marketing asset. Make sure that you reach out to them during the year.

2. Do more with the leads you already have

When you're on a sales call, are you are shooting from the hip or following a proven and consistent process? Improving your sales process from that initial phone call all the way through to the completion of the project is something that will give you great bang for the buck.

Another way of putting it: Making practical improvements to your sales process is more valuable than 25,000 Facebook Likes.

Improving your sales process includes the questions you ask on the initial phone call, the email you send between the initial phone call and first meeting, how you follow up with prospects who are in your “sent proposal but haven’t signed” bucket, and much more. Work hard to improve this area and you’ll turn more of the leads that you already have into paying projects.

Top remodelers take networking seriously. They reach out to designers, architects, realtors, and anyone else who shares the same ideal client as they do. They’re always looking for ways to strengthen these relationships.

3. Invest in strategic partnerships

A pattern that I see with the top remodelers in our industry is that they take networking seriously. They are reaching out to designers, architects, realtors, and anyone else who shares the same ideal client as them. They’re always looking for ways to strengthen the relationship they have with referral sources and are always expanding their list of people who know what they do.

How much time are you willing to invest in your network? Therein lies the answer to how successful networking will be for you. Work hard to develop strategic partners who refer your business and who you can deliver great value to.

4. Harness the Web

There's no doubt that prospects are searching for remodelers online and that people who are referred to you are pulling up your website before they reach out.

In particular, make sure that your website is up to date and is built in a way that generates quality leads. A website should be more than a fancy buiness card. Investing in developing a website that can actually capture leads is a huge key to success.

Focusing on these four areas ensures that you will be striking at the root (the most important things to help you generate quality leads and paying projects) vs. hacking at the leaves.