Last year New England Design & Construction, in Boston, had close to $900,000 in sales — not bad for a relative newcomer to the Beantown market. But in just the last 12 months the company has already made $1.2 million in sales. Company president Cory Desjardin says that 30% increase is due to one thing: free publicity.

Dreams to Reality

For the past year or so New England Design & Construction has been involved with the Room to Dream Foundation, an organization that does bedroom makeovers for children suffering from chronic illnesses.

Typically these kids have been in the hospital for an extended period. The foundation remodels their rooms so they come home to a bedroom that can accommodate the lifesaving equipment they often need, but the remodel is done in a fun, whimsical manner that delights the children.

Participating in these projects is a worthy cause, Desjardin says, but it also plays to home­owners’ biggest concerns about con­tractors: trust. “Once clients see the amount of effort we put into these projects, it exemplifies that we do care about our community,” he explains. “It really positions you above the competition. Anyone can remodel a kitchen and make it look good and make the customer happy, but how do you show you are the most trusted guys out there? This is a great way to do it.”

Media Coverage

In doing something remarkable for the community, Desjardin says, these projects have been reported on by the local media, including New England Home magazine, Boston Business Journal, and even The Boston Globe, which has a daily circulation of over 300,000.

“You can send as many postcards as you want talking about how great your company is, but when somebody else is doing [the talking], it really resonates with people,” Desjardin says, adding that the company first got a taste of press attention when it was inducted into the 2011 REMODELING Big50. “During your sales presentation you can point to what others have been saying about you, and when it comes from a trusted source, it carries more weight. People believe what they read.” 

Mark A. Newman, senior editor, REMODELING.

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