The Internet. Black hole of information or a fine-tuned content-sharing machine?

Surely, this debate will never be settled, but with more and more social media outlets giving users the chance to post and share content, we're curious: What happens to a post after you put it out into the universe?

As an exercise for our July issue, we're asking you, our online audience, to help us find out. Take a look at the infographics below with different views on the lifecycle of a social media post, then share it with your audiences. Then use the comments below, our Facebook page, a Tweet, or an email to let us know where you shared the post, so we can chart its course.

From Facebook to Digg and Reddit to Pinterest, from StumbleUpon to LinkedIn to your own blog, feel free to use any and all social media platforms you're comfortable with, and please encourage sharing among your followers, too! We're looking forward to seeing where your influence travels throughout the social media world, and can't wait to share it with you.


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The Social Media Effect

The Revised Social Media Effect

How People Share Content

The Journey of a Tweet