Would you take a wooden nickel? You might if it were handed to you by your designer or one of your trade partners and it could be redeemed for up to $500 in materials from Superior Woodcraft, in Doylestown, Pa.

“People are intrigued by them,” says campaign creator and Superior Woodcraft vice president Patrick Kennedy. He gives the wooden nickels to architects, designers, suppliers, or other local businesspeople who, in turn, pass them on. “It’s an easy way for them to give added value to their clients,” Kennedy says.

Since kicking off the campaign (which currently has no expiration date) in late September at a local arts festival, Kennedy has given away almost 200 wooden nickels, which are slowly being redeemed. He’d like to see other businesses use them. “When a client comes in, I’d like to hand them a wooden nickel for a local restaurant or remodeler. It’s a way to spur the economy.”

Stacey Freed, senior editor, REMODELING.