In the current crowded remodeling market, it’s important to differentiate your business. One way to do so is to exceed customer expectations.

“Our clients hate to see us complete a project,” says Trent Overboe, who is co-owner with Steve Camp of OCC Group, in Richmond, Va., a young business that really works its referral base. Their secret:

  • Every client gets a detailed schedule

  • One company owner is always on site

  • Clients are brought fresh flowers, wine, or coffee to soften the remodeling experience

  • A cleaner goes through the house at the end of every job

  • Camp and Overboe make subcontractors an extension of the business and send small jobs their way

  • Gift cards are offered to clients and friends who produce a referral resulting in a new project

  • OCC employees go above-and-beyond to do chores for clients such as moving old water heaters or furniture

  • Jobs are made more affordable by allowing clients to purchase certain items themselves with no up-charge

  • The company owners meet with all prospects, regardless of project size

  • The owners spend time outside of the project with clients

  • OCC hires an interior designer to work with clients

“Customers are always right, and that’s that,” Camp says. “Our motto is ‘Bringing integrity back to the home.’ And we practice what we preach.”