Almost two years ago, Bob Tilghman of Tilghman Builders, in Hatboro, Pa., hired a consulting group to help him improve systems and implement new programs.

“They are helping us with every system and every process. They are looking at my business from the outside in,” Tilghman says. He points out that unlike other consulting groups, GGN Group not only makes suggestions, it also implements the programs.

Tilghman is beginning to see the results of working with the consultants. “We have more work on our books than we have ever had, and they are solid, large jobs,” he says. He expects his sales volume to increase from $1.6 million last year to nearly $2 million this year.

The company researched Tilghman's past projects and identified his ideal client. “They made me realize that 5% of our revenue was coming from 50% of our customers. We were doing tons of little jobs that only produced 5% of our income,” he says.

GGN Group implemented a direct marketing plan for Tilghman by hiring a photographer, scheduling project photos, and working with a firm to design brochures. They helped him hire an estimator/salesperson and determine the salary and commission for that position. They are now working to improve his product selection process.

Dan Gomez of GGN Group says 25% of the management consulting firm's clients are remodeling-related. “We find that with any entrepreneur, particularly with remodelers, you run out of time and resources to grow your company,” he says. “We analyze what's holding the company back, decide on two or three key things, and help you execute.” He notes that consistent marketing is an issue with remodelers. “Most start a marketing program and then send one or two postcards. That is never enough.” On the operations side, he says remodelers are not earning their needed gross profit because of problems with estimating or slippage.

Tilghman knew he needed help, but thought he could not afford to hire a consultant or coach. Another remodeler who worked with GGN Group encouraged him to spend the money. “You always think, ‘I don't have the money for this,' but it ultimately saved me money,” Tilghman says.