Keeping its customers happy for over three decades, Normandy Builders has not only relied on its design staff but also on its production teams, most notably its job superintendents. The following story of trust and respect between superintendent and client illustrates how valuable the job supers are to the company’s corporate image and its business potential.

The client was relocated overseas for three years, leaving behind his newly renovated home. Rather than ask a family member or friend to keep an eye on the property, he entrusted the project superintendent Al Lovas with this task. Needless to say, this show of trust is a testament not only to the fantastic job Al did in supervising the construction, but to the character he displayed in dealing with the client. The bond that was established during construction transcended the remodeling process, extending well into the future for both the job superintendent and the company he represents. It also led to several client referrals.

Creating raving fans in the remodeling industry is a reward justly earned as a result of thoughtful preparation, professional representation, and focused, quality follow-through.

It took the creative genius of a talented design staff to capture the client’s excitement and imagination, but it was the responsive, trustworthy, and incredibly skilled performance of the job superintendent that captured the client’s heart. Kudos to Normandy’s job superintendents for their effort and commitment to providing each client with an exceptional remodeling experience!

—Karen Cericola is the client services manager with Normandy Builders, in Hinsdale, Ill., which uses GuildQuality  surveys to monitor customer satisfaction. To see a complete summary of the company’s customer feedback, check out Normandy Builders’ GuildQuality profile.