A spiffy construction site sign can bring in new projects, but a subpar sign? Not so much. We reviewed several signs and found five things that the best in the bunch have in common. Read on to find out what you’re doing right—and where your sign can improve. 

Be Original 

People tend to remember things that are unique. Signs made with unusual materials or in non-traditional shapes will catch someone’s eye. Even one creative detail can stick out and make an impression. 

Go Bold

Your sign should be large enough for people to see in passing. Remember that some potential clients may be driving by and will only have a few seconds to take in the sign. Choose bold colors that are easy to read together. You want the background and font to have the right amount of contrast. The background should also be solid; graphic backgrounds can be distracting and hard to read at first glance.

Offer More Info 

At minimum, your sign should have the company name, phone number, what you do (especially if it’s not implied by your name), and the website address. Some states also require your license number to be posted. 

However, it’s possible to get even more information on your sign without making it look cluttered. QR codes take up little space and allow smartphone users to quickly access additional facts about your company or project. Another option is to attach a box filled with fliers about the company to the sign post.  

Build it to Last  

Your sign should be able to stand up to the elements. A flimsy foam board is inexpensive and quick to install, but it can easily be pulled out of the ground or knocked down by a strong wind or storm. Using wooden posts or heavier metal will help your sign to stay in place and last long enough to be reused at the next job.

Find the Right Font

The font choice can make or break a successful sign. If the text isn't clear and legible, your reader probably won’t bother with it. Make sure your letters are large, simple, and easy to read. Avoid fonts that are too thick or too embellished because they may cause letters to blend together. There should also be enough space between letters and words.