Question 6: What marketing strategies no longer work for you? Tim Burch, Burch Builders Group  
We no longer do any direct mail advertising and we have cut our print advertising in the publications that we see a return on. These seem to be the higher-end design mags and local magazines that deliver to the client demographics that we do well with.

Craig Durosko, Sun Design

Craig Durosko, Sun Design Remodeling Specialists
Yellow Pages, broadcast marketing. Peter Feinmann, Feinmann Inc.
Large investment in magazine advertising.

Dennis D. Gehman, Gehman Custom Remodeling
Print ads.

Alex Iosa, Iosa Construction Corp.
The only marketing strategy that doesn’t work is not having one at all. It is all about leveraging and finding the best one that works. Whenever I think that a particular marketing strategy is not working, I get a good lead. We believe that you need to put out as much as possible when it comes to getting your name out there (branding). You never know where you are going to get your next great lead.

Paul Irwin, Pattern Builders
Waiting for the phone to ring doesn't seem to work very well at all. We’re going to focus on developing our blog and working with a radio producer who has approached us with a fun project. I think the Internet is underutilized as a business tool, and I’m working with a marketing expert to develop the right tools for us. 

Chris Landis, Landis Construction Corp.
Lead-generation services.

John Murphy, Murphy Bros. Designers & Remodelers

John Murphy, Murphy Bros. Designers & Remodelers
Did anyone hear me say print ads — magazines, newspapers, and the local NARI contractor magazine? Direct mail’s effectiveness has really dropped off for us over the last 10 years also.

Jane Regan, HB Building and Design
Joining networking groups is a great idea for getting started in your community but don’t expect one networking group to be your sole resource.  I am reaching out to other BNI groups throughout San Francisco, and other referral-based organizations, like LEADS.

Alex Shekhtman, Elite Remodeling
Direct mail, any printed advertising, e-mail newsletter.