To the Editor:

In your May 2013 magazine it is stated that the CDC has lowered from 10 micrograms per deciliter to 5 micrograms as the new standard of lead risk. This is not the first time they have lowered the blood levels. The original measurement was  20 micrograms per deciliter. I believe they keep lowering the standard because there are no cases of actual lead poisoning in the remodeling industry.

I think it is time to realize the threat of lead poisoning is not worth the billions of dollars, additional time, and regulations that are being heaved upon the U.S. citizenry.

Look at the costs stated in your RRP participation article. Thirty-one million dollars the EPA has collected, and for what? Can they tell us how many children have been saved? Can they tell us how many are already affected? I doubt they actually know for sure if any children have been affected.

Those thirty-one million dollars could do some good if they knew exactly what areas of the country have affected children and then target those areas for special rules. Applying it needlessly to everyone everywhere is senseless and unnecessarily costly.

It is time to abandon the RRP rule.


Scott Foley

Foley Construction

Fullerton, Calif.