In my work with clients I would sometimes hear catch phrases that simplify big concepts into digestible bits. Once on a call with Adam Perez of Perez Design Build Remodel, he used the simple phrase: "Slow Down and Drill Down." Wow. That one hit home. Mulling it over, I've added "Get Down." For me, there is so much embedded in these simple words. Let me explain:

Slow Down
Particularly these days with all the uncertainty we're dealing with, many of us respond by trying to do more than we could possibly do well. Stressed and scared, being active and moving at a crisp pace provides us with a false sense of security.

By moving too quickly, we miss a lot. Such as important information that could help us make a better decision, one that will actually help us deal methodically with our world turned upside down.

Living with constant stress will make you more likely to depart the planet before your time. How you respond to the stress is a choice you can make.

It takes practice to do this. I know, because I sometimes tend to go for a quick response, even though I know slowing down would be better in the long run.

Drill Down
Okay, you've slowed things down. You've caught your breath.

Now it's time to ask questions, like, "What could be going better regarding the situation?" "Why does it recur as often as it does?" "What are we missing?"

Ask everybody. The more input you get, the more complete a picture of the situation can be created.

Get Down
Then have the appropriate people from your team figure out what needs to change, what needs to be different, to make it so this issue/problem, will recur much less frequently. It's important to engage your co-workers, because that's how you'll get buy-in to the solution.

Once the solution is systemized, then launch it. See how it works when you are actually getting down to business.

Likely it will need to be tuned up. Stay with it. You and your team will get something that will be "the way this is done at our company" sooner rather than later.

Slow Down, Drill Down, and Get Down: Simple steps that can create amazing improvements in the performance of any company.

Keep Adam's words (and the two of mine!) in mind moving forward. Give them a try. All you have to lose is aggravation, frustration, and profits.