Harnessing technology is like lightning in a bottle or rocket fuel for your productivity, says Mike Song, author and CEO of www.getcontrol.net. He showed attendees of the Remodelers Advantage Summit 2013 small shortcuts for their mobile devices and computers that save time and will allow the company owners and their staffs to work more productively. He says even though these shortcuts only save a minute or two at a time, these minutes add up.

In his book Zip! Tips: The Fastest Way to Get More Done, and in his presentation, he refers to these shortcuts as an army of robots and defines the different types. Here are a few he introduced:

  •  AutoCorrector: This allows users to create a shortcut that they can use to fill in phrases they commonly use. They can type two or three letters, then a space, and it fills in the corresponding phrase.
  •  Draftinator: Users can insert templates into different documents or e-mail.
  •  Transformer: Song showed users that by dragging an e-mail into Microsoft Outlook calendar or contacts, they can generate a contact or a meeting.

Song also encouraged attendees to memorize and use these keyboard shortcuts:

  • Hitting the space bar twice after you complete a sentence inserts a period and capitalizes the next word you type
  • If you type into the message or e-mail field on your mobile device, if you shake it, it asks if you want to undo what you just type and erases it
  • Control C: copy
  • Control V: paste
  • Control Z: undo your last action

He says everyone finds the number of e-mails in their mailboxes overwhelming. He says the first way to cut the number of e-mails you receive is to send less e-mails: “Send less, get less.” He also showed attendees how to use Outlook to sort e-mails so many frequent e-mails are automatically placed in folders based on priority. —Nina Patel is a senior editor at  REMODELING . Find her on Twitter at  @SilverNina  or  @RemodelingMag .