Adobe Stoce / cacaroot

A simple four-question framework can better define your company’s brand and communicate what differentiates your business from competitors, according to Gerry O’Brion of What Big Brands Know. Asking who are your company’s ideal customers, what are your insights from your customers, what is your desired outcome, and what is the reason customers should choose your company can help build a more powerful brand, O’Brion said during his education session “Build Your Brand, Build Your Business: Becoming the #1 Choice in a Crowded Market ” at the 2020 International Builders' Show in Las Vegas.

O’Brion said that customers don’t “buy” anything, they instead choose between options. When your company’s services can’t be differentiated between competitors, it confuses customers instead of helping them make choices. Additionally, more harmfully, the number one factor for customers when they can’t differentiate between brands is price.

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