Robert Ullman

With more markets rebounding, online chat rooms and Linked­In groups are abuzz with talk of hiring. During boom times, the lament was, “I can’t find good employees.” Oddly enough, despite the number of people currently out of work, the same lament still holds. Here are tips gleaned from LinkedIn’s Construction Business Owner’s Group for finding good field employees.

1. Use, but be specific in your ad (see “Filtering Facts”)

2. Have current staff interview the prospective employee

3. Get candidate referrals from existing employees and from other trusted business owners

4. Use personality profiles on current and prospective employees

5. Look for former business owners who closed their business due to the economy

6. Offer an internship opportunity

7. Check high school trade and mentorship programs

8. Hire returning vets: Americas Heroes at Work (

9. Try out a prospect for a week

—Stacey Freed, senior editor, REMODELING.