An ominous but important visual issued by on Aug. 31 highlights the dates that memorable disasters befell each state. The map reminds Americans that "the day before" a disaster looks just like any other day - and that those are the days to focus on creating a preparedness plan for your family, business, or community. More to the point, the map was showcased on the day before the start of National Preparedness Month (NPM), which kicks off its 10th annual campaign on Sept. 1. NPM is designed to help community members become more informed on how to prepare for disasters ranging from severe weather and natural disasters to pandemic flu or terrorism. offers a range of tips for citizens, as well as toolkits for communities to use for additional education.

With that in mind, remodelers can find a number of articles and links below with details on how to protect their businesses, their files, their clients, and themselves in the case of a disaster. We've also included a number of articles reflecting on the aftermath of recent natural disasters as a reminder that weathering the storm is one thing, but being prepared for the recovery is another.

Do you have a disaster plan for your family or your business? Share your thoughts in the comments, on our Facebook page, or e-mail senior editor Lauren Hunter at [email protected].

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