Ray and Ron Melani, co-presidents of the $12 million-a-year Melani Bros. of Yorktown, Va., make it clear on their business cards that it's not just business they hold dear. "I take pride in being a father," says Ray, who has been a single dad since his 12-year-old son, Joe, was 3. Ray's business card notes he's "Dad of Joseph." Ron's says, "Dad of Megan and Dana."

The brothers say marketing genius isn't behind adding the kid credentials; it just seems like the right thing to do. "We can sell all the sunrooms we want," says Ray (they sell about 700 a year), "but if we don't have a connection at home, what good is it?" Ron says the cards convey a "family company" image and that they enjoy doing business with those who share similar values.

"It's a relationship builder," adds Ray Melani. "What better building block to build a relationship with than the building block of family?"