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Kansas City, Mo., homeowners remodeling their home discovered an unlikely treasure in a very unlikely place. Fox News reports the family discovered one of the columns on the front porch was filled with 1940s liquor bottles, potentially worth thousands of dollars on the collector's market.

The collectibles were discovered in the column of a front porch in Kansas City,. The house was reportedly built in the 1920s, and the empty drink containers date back to the 1940s. According to one of the workers, 100 cans came out of the column when they opened it up.

It appears as though a previous homeowner was hiding the evidence of their drinking by dropping the empty bottles and cans through the chute. Now, decades later, they’re worth a decent amount of money to the right buyer.

“It was a jackpot of the 1940s,” homeowner Danielle Molder told Fox 4 KC. “Every variety of whiskey and bourbon you can imagine. Tons of old vintage beer cans. Many of them in amazing condition. There are collectors and now, overnight, I have an extensive collection.”

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