Comfortmaker. The Soft-Sound IIS 80 line of gas furnaces provides technicians plenty of room to work with easy-to-remove panels and extra-spacious service compartments. A troubleshooting LED fault indicator, viewed through a new sight glass in the blower door, diagnoses system-related malfunctions. The furnaces come with 24- and 115-volt humidifier connections. Natural gas models with LP gas conversion kits also are available. 931.359.3511.

Tempstar. The SmartComfort VS 80 gas furnace line offers multi-poise, 80% AFUE furnaces with heating capacities up to 125,000 BTU per hour. The line features silicon nitride ignitors, which are not affected by high-line voltage and don't require voltage regulators, aluminized steel heat exchangers, and remote flame sensing. Variable-speed circulation blowers reduce operating sounds and use up to 50% less electricity than standard motors. 931.359.3511.

Rheem Water Heating. The entire line of the company's gasfired tankless water heaters qualifies for a federal income tax credit under the Energy Tax Incentives Act of 2005. The line includes both natural gas- and propane-fueled models offering inputs of up to 199,000 BTU per hour and flow rates up to 7.4 gallons per minute at a 45°F rise in water temperature. 800.621.5622.

Space-Ray. The Space-Ray Cold Blocker infrared gas tube heater is industrial strength, but made especially for residential use in garages, workshops, or other small unheated spaces. At 9 feet 3 inches long, its compact size allows placement in hard-to-heat areas where longer infrared tube heaters cannot be used. 800.438.4936.

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From file "118_RMs" entitled "pHVAC4.qxd" page 01

SunTouch. Designed for large floor heating needs exceeding 15 amps, the GroupStat control divides the application into zones with individual units. Because a master thermostat, available in programmable and non-programmable versions, links and controls up to 10 slave units, the units can be installed anywhere, the maker says. The slave units are offered in 120 or 240 volts. 888.432.8932.

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