Hanley Wood | Meyers Research, the housing industry’s leading provider of rich data, award-winning media, and the top advisors for residential real estate development and new home construction, announces that beginning Oct. 13, the company will operate under the new brand name of Zonda.

Renaming the company after the Zonda data product elevates the company’s focus on data-driven solutions and reinforces Zonda’s commitment to providing clients with state-of-the-art data and media platforms and unparalleled client advisory services. The rebranding efforts include a new name, logo, positioning, and website.

“As we’ve grown, a wide variety of businesses and products have come under our umbrella, and there was a need to align and unify our story,” said Jeff Meyers, CEO of Zonda. “The new brand identity is not only current and modern but continues to reflect the core ethos of Zonda—continuous growth and innovation.”

Zonda continues to serve a diverse cross-category audience, including home builders, land brokers and developers, mortgage lenders, finance, building product manufacturers, and many more. And under this unified brand, Zonda will further its effort to leveraging the power of real-time data in an intuitive and actionable format so clients can stay informed on the trends and insights needed to anticipate shifts, evaluate options, and ultimately make smarter decisions.

“We have always been a data-centric company at heart, and this rebrand affirms our belief in the power of data and our commitment to advancing the home building industry through every single touchpoint including our advisory services, media platforms, and our products,” added Andy Reid, COO of Zonda.

After being purchased and merged by private equity firm MidOcean Partners in late 2018, Meyers Research and Hanley Wood focused on a seamless and streamlined approach for shared clients to access housing data and information. The combined company acquired Bird.i, a satellite imagery and artificial intelligence technology company, earlier this year further evolving the brand into a leading research, data, and technology company.

Under the new Zonda name, the company brings together its all-in-one, data-driven solutions under three core pillars, simplifying customer offerings while showcasing the depth and breadth of the brand. The pillars include:

Data Intelligence: Builders, developers, building product manufacturers, mortgage lenders, contractors and more look to Zonda for the best data intelligence in the business.
Engagement: Zonda events, webinars, and lead generation resources inform, advise, and connect customers with the right tools and people to grow their business.
Media and Awareness: Staying ahead of housing trends is critical in today's market. Zonda's media platforms, including Builder, Remodeling, Journal of Light Construction, Multifamily Executive, and Affordable Housing Finance keep clients up to date on changes in the housing market.

The new Zonda logo brings a fresh and progressive look that pays homage to the brand’s heritage. At its core, it is an evolution of a BIT—the fundamental building block of data—and brings in design inspiration from a housing property grid. Additionally, Zonda’s redesigned website offers visitors richer insight into the company’s integrated services, award-winning work team.

Visit ZondaHome.com, or follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for more information.