Paul Gidus, CGR, partner, PSG Construction, Winter Park, Fla. We really try to be proactive with things we've heard in the seminars at the Remodeling Show. We went to a presentation on change orders several years ago and learned about collecting money up front and not waiting until the end of a job. That was a huge implementation for us.

Stephen Gidus, CGB, CGR, partner, PSG Construction, Winter Park, Fla. Before the show we ask our employees to look at the different classes available and schedule their day so they have a good mix of classes, seminars, time for the exhibits, and time for the social functions. We ask them to balance it out based on how these things will help them in their various departments.

When, years ago, we first started going to the Remodeling Show, it was mainly about the educational seminars for us. More recently it's been about the networking opportunities. I get to reconnect with people I've met over the years, and we get to do some brainstorming about different issues we're dealing with in our companies.

Last year at the show we looked at Master Builder software for the first time and got an understanding of how it operated. We purchased it right there.

Geno Benvenuto, owner, Benvenuti and Stein, Evanston, Ill. With other shows we really only went for the exhibits. But with the Remodeling Show, there's so much value in the various speakers and topics. I always pick up a lot of valuable, inspiring information.

Everyone we bring from our company is always happy they've attended. It creates a synergy of thoughts and issues and sparks a lot of meaningful discussion that leads to improvements in our processes.

As remodelers, we're in our own little world. The reality is that there are people who have been there, done that, gone through the battles, created the processes and the forms to use — created simple procedures for the things that sap our energy as individuals trying to come up with them ourselves. It's so much easier when they're handed to you, particularly when it comes to ways to manage difficult clients, create measurements for employee bonuses, the whole gamut. That's what's most worthwhile at the show.

One seminar discussed getting everyone in the company involved with the numbers. This helped us change our whole approach to sharing information and opening up the books to everyone in the organization so they feel they're part of the process. That had the most impact on us.

Marc Black, production manager, Kinter Construction, Des Moines, Iowa I enjoy the seminars at the Remodeling Show and always try to take back at least one thing from each seminar to apply to what we do in our business.

Tim Faller's lead carpenter system presentation at last year's show was very informative. We bought his tapes and books and have our leads going through that “curriculum” and applying those techniques to the way we manage our jobs. It has definitely made a difference; training our leads to manage projects the way we want them to be run.