Adobe Stock/Andy Dean
Adobe Stock/Andy Dean

Garage door replacement projects rank as the remodeling project with the highest return on investment (ROI) in the 2019 Cost vs. Value Report. Topping the list for the second year in a row, garage replacement projects recoup nearly 100% of the project cost at resale. The Cape Gazette highlights several trends that can be incorporated in future garage remodeling projects.

Bold Colors
Gone are the days of the standard white garage door—bold, dark colors are all the rage in today’s exterior design trends. Black garage doors are one of the leading design trends in the housing world right now.

Glass Windows and Natural Light
Now that garages and their doors are better insulated, your garage isn’t just a place for your car anymore—it can also serve as a laundry room, workshop, exercise space, or home office. However, the more time homeowners spend in the garage, the more important it is to find ways of letting the light in.

In 2019, there likely will be an uptick in garage doors with windows. Garage door windows both brighten the interior of your garage and add style and flair to the door’s exterior. A modern glass garage door can flood the garage with even more light. These stylish glass-paned doors are reinforced with a sturdy aluminum frame and allow you to experience your garage as never before.

Modern Materials
In the past, garage doors were mostly made out of steel, wood or aluminum, but today, some of the most popular products are made of synthetic materials. Materials like vinyl and fiberglass are becoming more and more appealing to homeowners because they’re so lightweight, affordable, and easy to maintain.

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